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What are the Laws and Regulations for Hunting in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Coservation Our protects and manages the fish, forest, and wildlife resources of the state. When hunting in Missouri, it is illegal to hunt out-of-season, hunt without a hunting license as well other required permits and stamps, take more than the daily limit provided, as well as take possession of an unlawfully killed game. It is also illegal to trespass private land, hunt within 100 yards of an occupied building, hunt with any night vision devices and damage any nature habitat. State law prohibits any use of poison or chemicals to take on wildlife, use aircrafts or artificial light as an aid to locate wild game.

*Visit Missouri’s Hunting and Trapping Guide for More Information*



Bobcats in Missouri are big game hunts that force a great deal of precision and patience in order to acquire. With a daily bag limit and possession limit of any number, Bobcats do have set guidelines to abide by and pertaining to hunting methods. Typical hunting equipment can be utilized when stalking Bobcats (i.e. pistols, firearms, bows, slingshots, etc.); there are, however, stipulations put into place when dealing with certain types of ammunition or chemically enhanced weaponry. Snares, nets, deadfalls and additional practices are examples of prohibited methods. A state permit is required for hunting the Bobcat; a combination may be required and so, one must evaluate their particular circumstance and take the neccessary steps before procuring Bobcat.

  • General Season: Nov. 15 – Jan. 31, 2021

*For more specific information pertaining to the general Bobcat hunting season in Missouri, visit the Missouri State Bobcat Hunting Page.


Deer hunting in Missouri is subject to specific seasons that are designated towards particular hunts. For instance, when hunting archery, archers are permitted to harvest two Deer of either gender, though only one buck may be taken before the 16th of November. Additionally, during the latter general and alternative method season, only one antlered Deer may be harvested, though, when using archery as a practice as well, another Deer may be harvested for a grand total of two. Archers must acquire archery Deer hunting state permits, while firearm Deer hunting permits are required when taking part in the general season.

  • Archery: Sep. 15 – Nov. 13, 2020 and Nov. 25 – Jan. 15 2021
  • General Season: Nov. 14 – Jan. 05, 2021

*For more specific information pertaining to the general Deer hunting season in Missouri, visit the Missouri State Deer Hunting Page.


The Brant Goose and Canada Goose are among the waterfowl that may be harvested in Missouri. Both the Brant Goose and the Canada Goose have a daily limit of 3 geese and a possession limit of 9 geese. A state given small game permit as well as a federal duck stamp must be assigned to each hunter in order to legally partake in the harvest of geese. Shotguns (10 gauge or smaller), hunting dogs, and immobile boats are practices that are allowed. Rifles, pistols, sink boxes, night vision, ect. are excessively lethal tactics prohibited by the state of Missouri.

  • Brant Geese Season: Oct. 3 – Oct. 11, 2020 and Nov. 11 – Feb. 6, 2021
  • Canada Geese Season: Oct. 3 – Oct. 11, 2020 and Nov. 11 – Feb. 6, 2021

*For more specific information pertaining to the general Goose hunting season in Missouri, visit the Missouri State Goose Hunting Page.

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