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SOS Outfitters prides itself on finding the best outfitters throughout the United States. We are a one stop shop for everything hunting. From finding a hunt deal with an outfitter to showcasing quality hunting gear. We also have resources about hunting laws and regulations. Along with tons of information about game and seasons schedules.

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We offer highly successful hunts with the best outfitters acrooss the USA. The various locations across the country provide amazing hunting opportunities for any age or experience of hunter.

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Rifle Giveaway

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a  Christensen Arms Ridgeline

Single Hunter All Inclusive!


Rio Grande Turkey Hunt

Central California Coast

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AMMO Giveaway

Rifle Ammo of Your Choice


Includes Meals & Lodging!


Blacktail Deer Hunt

Central California Coast

Includes Meals & Lodging!


Wild Pig Hunt

Central California Coast

La Panza Draw Package!


Tule Elk Hunt

Central California Coast

Dillion Precision Reloaders

Dillon Precision is the premier manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment in the USA.